I used to be the type of person who would get up a little after midnight after eating a huge Thanksgiving meal just hours before, all so I could go out and get some great deals on Black Friday. At first, it was fun, but it lost its appeal after the second time of doing it. I was tired, and it was always so cold out. I decided to see what Cyber Monday was all about a couple of years ago, and now that is how I do my shopping. I looked for Cyber Monday 2016 news not that long ago because I wanted to get a head start on my shopping for this year.

It really is the only way to go, because where else can you get such amazing deals while sitting on your couch, sipping on coffee in front of the fireplace, still wearing your pajamas? I know that it sure beats fighting traffic, mad crowds, and standing in line for hours just to save 50 bucks. I can save that much and more simply sitting on my couch. The first year I did this, I missed some really great sales because I did not really know how to work it.

I just went to a few different sites and looked at their deals. It was not until afterwards that I heard about all the great deals I missed. That is when I knew I had to start planning my Cyber Monday shopping trip much better. Thankfully, there are sites out there that help with this. I am able to find the best deals at all of the online retailers, and I am actually saving more money than I ever could on Black Friday because it only takes me a few seconds to go between stores instead of hours!